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Prince Harry Has Been ‘Destructive’ and the Royals Don’t Understand Why He ‘Wants to Blabber Everything on His Mind

All eyes were on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle when they returned to England together in June 2022 to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II‘s Platinum Jubilee. Two years earlier, the Sussexes...

Prince Charles stumbled, nearly fell to the floor before COP26 speech

Prince Charles avoided a serious injury after he nearly fell to the floor in his dramatic opening to COP26 summit. Prince Charles, 72, showed up...

Meghan’s text messages read in court: Duchess says royal family ‘berated’ Harry

Meghan Markle's former communications secretary Jason Knauf read out alleged texts from her in court, revealing she was upset with the royal family for...

Prince William, Kate Middleton ‘Under Pressure’ Under Heavy Royal Workload And It’s All Prince Harry’s Fault, Royal ‘Expert’ Claims

Prince William and Kate Middleton are typically viewed as the saviors of the royal family. Has their job gotten radically harder because of Prince Harry and Prince Andrew? One royal...

UK Publisher Appeals Against Court Ruling In Meghan Markle Copyright Case

A UK newspaper group began a legal challenge on Tuesday over a ruling that it breached the Duchess of Sussex's privacy by publishing parts...

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Is Jennifer Garner concerned about Ben Affleck’s upcoming nuptials? One tabloid claims Garner is worried about her ex-husband’s impending wedding to Jennifer Lopez. Here’s what we know. Is Jennifer Lopez...


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