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A 3-year-old girl died after her father forced her to sit in boiling hot water ‘for a reason she was too young to have any control over’!

Rabiha, a 3-year-old girl, perished after her father made her remain in boiling water for an extended period of time for a cause over which she had no influence. Because the little girl was going through something she couldn’t control, her father allegedly made her sit in a bathtub full of hot, boiling water.

The young girl, identified as Rabiha, is said to have been struck with a rope by her father after he lost his cool. The youngster was then imprisoned in a room for more than an hour after being made to sit in a pot of boiling water.

When she had diarrhea, her father allegedly made her soak in a bath filled with scalding hot water. Her father kept her locked in a room till nine o’clock despite the fact that she had burns all over her body. After torturing his daughter, the father ultimately consented to let her be transported to the hospital and called a relative of his wife.

Tragically, Rabiha succumbed to her wounds. When the father was questioned about how the young child got the burns, he said his daughter got them by accident. He said that when Rabiha entered the kitchen, she slipped on the boiling water and burned herself. Yet later, Libyan officials came to suspect that Rabiha’s father was responsible for his daughter’s purported murder.

According to The Sun, the mother and father were questioned by the Criminal Investigation Department, and when they were shown the proof, they confessed to the crime. It is now unknown if the mother took part in the incidents that resulted in Rabiha’s demise.

While they were moved to the public prosecutor’s office, neither parent has been prosecuted as of yet. The father’s drug addiction was another discovery made by the investigators.

The case of Rabiha caused widespread indignation among the populace, and many demanded that the father of the young girl get the death sentence. Dear readers, in light of current claims that child abuse in America has increased because of the epidemic, we are republishing this article.


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