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Adele says she felt ’embarrassed’ after divorce with Simon Konecki: I didn’t really know myself

Adele has opened up about her divorce from Simon Konecki and the rumours that she had to face surrounding the same.

During her interview with Rolling Stone, the Hello singer got candid about her split with the entrepreneur in 2019 and admitted that she “didn’t know” herself amid the chaos of the divorce.

“I didn’t really know myself. I thought I did. I don’t know if it was because my Saturn return or if it was because I was well and truly sort of heading into my thirties, but I just didn’t like who I was” she said, via Rolling Stone

Discussing her emotional journey during her divorce, Adele said that she was “sad” and devastated” especially because of other people’s opinions about her divorce. “I was embarrassed. No one made me feel embarrassed, but you feel like you didn’t do a good job,” she added.

For those unversed, Adele is set to release her new album 30 on November 19. She had previously released a song from the album titled Easy On Me, which achieved the top position in Billboard Global 200 and Billboard’s exclusive US charts.

She revealed that the album got delayed for more than a year due to her divorce. “I know I would’ve changed my mind and been like, ‘It’s moved on. Let’s start the next album.’ And I couldn’t do that to this album. I feel like it deserves to come out,” she noted.

The singer later revealed her touring plans to promote the album, noting that it’s “unpredictable” due to COVID-19.


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