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Ally Langdon breaks down in tears during A Current Affair

The new host of A Current Affair broke down in tears when speaking with a grieving father on the most recent show.

Simon Tadros, whose wife and son perished in the infamous Seaworld helicopter tragedy, spoke to Ally about his final moments with his family before they boarded the aircraft. Simon’s wife, Vanessa, perished in the accident, while his son, Nicholas, sustained numerous severe injuries.

“I simply gave them both a hug and kiss and told them to enjoy themselves. Simon said to Ally, “I’ll see you when you come back down.” He also admitted that he is terrified of heights, which is why he didn’t travel with Vanessa and Nicholas in the helicopter.

Then, Ally inquired about Nicholas, also known as “Nicky.”

He fractured practically every bone in his body, including his sternum, hips, thighs, legs, arms, and arms. His lungs also collapsed. You see, he even breathed in aviation fuel, which affected his lungs as well. He is currently receiving dialysis since his kidneys are still not functioning. Simon responded, “How he lived is a miracle; the only thing I think he didn’t break was his right arm.”

Ally replied, visibly distressed, “It kills my heart when you list it like that and think of how many things he’s fighting right now.”

Simon continued by stating that Nicholas’ right leg will need to be removed due to its extreme injury. But Nicholas is grieving his mother as much as the impending loss of a leg.

Ally started crying when Simon described how he had informed Nicholas that Vanessa had passed away.

“He gave me a quick glance before asking, “Oh no, is mom dead?,” to which I replied, “Yes, baby son. mother passed away. He simply turned his head and closed his eyes after that.

The poor young guy, Ally murmured with a broken voice and tears in her eyes. Still so delicate. Physically. Mentally. to learn that information.

However, Ally immediately regained her calm and finished the interview, demonstrating why she should be the next Tracy Grimshaw.


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