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Sketchy Insider Says Amal Clooney Apparently Ordering George To End Flirting With Co-Star Or Else

Is Amal Clooney getting worried about George‘s womanizing ways? One tabloid claims George is getting a bit too close to his co-star. Let’s take a closer look at this rumored love triangle.

George Clooney In New ‘Torrid Romance’?

This week’s edition of the Globe reports George Clooney is getting way too close to Julia Roberts as they prepare for the release of their new romantic comedy, Ticket to Paradise. Apparently, Amal is warning her husband to tread carefully.

And sources say Roberts’ husband, Danny Moder, is a paranoid wreck. “Danny’s putting his foot down, saying this will be Julia and George’s final film together—if he has anything to do with it. And Amal has seconded that,” an insider dishes.

“Amal and Danny are increasingly jealous over the cozy scenario and want to see some changes.” But the tipster adds that they have good reason to worry. “Word is, they hooked up years ago when they were both single and fancy-free, and they still carry a torch for each other,” the snitch whispers. “Of course, they’re both married with children and totally devoted to their spouses and family life. But they still enjoy a bit of harmless flirting.”

George Clooney, Julia Roberts Worrying Spouses?

Yeah, we aren’t buying this story for one second. First of all, there’s absolutely zero evidence that George Clooney and Julia Roberts ever dated. While it’s true that they became good friends and starred in several films together over the last 20 years, we would have heard something if there was even a whiff of romance between two of the biggest movie stars in the world.

But the past is the past, and it’s really beside the point. What’s so unbelievable about this story is the notion that Amal and Moder are just now making a fuss. The movie is filmed and finished.

Roberts is back in her California digs, and the Clooneys are staying at their Lake Como residence for the summer. Sure, Roberts and George are bound to reunite for the premiere in October and the subsequent press tour, but the bulk of their job together is finished.

The only reason that the magazine decided to run with this story is that the trailer for Ticket to Paradise recently dropped, so there’s a lot of hype surrounding the beloved duo. But as far as their families are concerned, any issues over filming would have come up months ago. So, we’re confident dismissing this story on timing alone.

More Clooney Gossip From The Rag

We’ve learned not to trust everything the Globe writes about George Clooney. The tabloid once reported George was horribly henpecked by Amal. Then the magazine claimed the Clooneys’ marriage was “melting again.” 

And more recently, the outlet reported the Clooneys were facing a $500 million divorce. And since it doesn’t seem like the Clooneys’ marriage was ever actually in danger, we’re hesitant to trust anything that the Globe has to say about the famous family.


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