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Americans Still Bear Resentment Over Camilla’s Role in Princess Diana’s Life

ABC News Senior National Affairs Correspondent, Deborah Roberts, claims that many Americans still harbor resentment toward the Royal Family for their treatment of Princess Diana and for Camilla taking her place.

Princess Diana’s charm, grace, and dedication to humanitarian causes captured the hearts of people worldwide, with Americans having a particularly strong connection to her.

Roberts, who covered events such as Harry and Meghan’s wedding, the Platinum Jubilee, and the Queen’s funeral, has a unique perspective on American sentiment toward the monarchy.

In a recent Radio Times interview, she stated, “Charles is a man who a lot of people associate with breaking Princess Diana’s heart, and Camilla is going to be referred to as Queen, not Queen Consort, so there’s that feeling that another woman is taking Diana’s place next to the king on the throne.”

Despite many Americans claiming not to care about the monarchy, Roberts believes that their fascination with the royals is strong, especially in regards to Princess Diana. As Charles’ Coronation approaches, she feels the American public’s curiosity is mixed with reservations due to their enduring affection for Diana.

Now known as Queen Camilla, Camilla Parker Bowles has navigated a complex journey within the Royal Family, with her path often overshadowed by the memory of the late Diana. Roberts is surprised that many Americans have not forgiven the royals for their treatment of Diana and continue to hold a grudge.

Roberts explained that Americans connected with Diana when she held babies infected with AIDS and danced with John Travolta at the White House, adding, “Diana embodied that spirit of being carefree and promoting equality – she was as close to an American in the British royal family as somebody could imagine.”

Paul Burrell, former royal butler and footman to the late Queen, believes that Camilla will be thinking of Diana during her Coronation. He insisted that if Diana were still alive, she would be ‘outshining’ everyone at the procession and looking ‘glorious’.

Regarding any lingering animosity between Diana and Camilla, Burrell feels that Diana would have moved on and found happiness, having achieved her life’s goals.

Burrell told OK! Magazine, “I don’t think she would hold any animosity at all towards her ex-husband or towards her ex-husband’s wife. I think she would have gone on in life and achieved her own ambitions, still being royal and regal.”

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