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Apple Reportedly Investing Heavily into Apple Arcade to Create High-Quality, Exclusive Games

Seeking to pull in more consumers to its own established gaming platform, Apple is rumored to be putting more cash in Apple Arcade, which will be used to develop titles that rival the likes of “Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”.

The notion comes from a tweet by the user, @choco_bit, who claims that Apple is pouring more money into Apple Arcade. That is, with the goal of pushing mobile gaming to the next level, much that it will require more modern hardware. And, more importantly, to lure mobile gamers into its platform.

Apple is a brand that is always synonymous for innovation. Bringing into the world a myriad of cutting-edge products that alter the world as we know it. Often, for the better. Thereby, making the brand more relevant in recent years than it was prior.

Missed Opportunity

But not everything that Apple touches turns into gold. It has its fair share of failures, too. Such as its initial venture into gaming and the missed opportunity to turn the Mac into a rival to Windows in the gaming space. Even the iPhone and iPad, despite their capability to run games, were outright denied as a gaming platform during the device’s early years in the market.

However, seeing the potential of mobile gaming as a lucrative source of revenue, Apple has had a change of heart. This transition has become apparent with the launch of Apple Arcade in September 2019.

Apple Arcade in a Nutshell

Essentially a subscription-based service, one of the highlights of the Apple Arcade is free access to the platforms diverse and growing list of iOS games. All without the usual gimmick that plague the mobile gaming space, like advertisements and micro-transactions. Apple Arcade’s library of games was carefully handpicked for users not to experience the annoying side of mobile gaming. Rather, also, to make gaming easily accessible for most people.

Despite its noble intentions, not to mention a relatively more affordable subscription rate than Microsoft’s and Sony’s at only $4 to $4.99 a month, Apple Arcade receives poor reception. Intuitively, this is blamed for the kind of game that the platform caters to, which others may not find appealing. To say the least, much like Apple’s original stance with its iOS devices, some people find the smartphone to not be a gaming platform.

An Optimistic Approach

Apple, however, begs to differ and is doing anything in its power to make consumers see mobile gaming differently. One way that Apple is doing it is by fueling the Apple Arcade with more money. All to, potentially, seeing high-quality, exclusive titles in the platform. Which, arguably, makes for a strong point in the staying power of any platform that considers itself to be in the gaming niche.


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