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Rare footage of Archie and Lilibet having fun at home will melt your heart

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle released swathes of home video footage in their tell-all Netflix docuseries, Harry & Meghan, and among the clips that were included, there is a collection of videos of their children Archie and Lilibet playing on the grounds of their Montecito mansion.

Fan account @world_royal_family reshared a portion of the video clips, with the voiceover from the show, of Prince Harry, saying: “Just seeing Archie running across the lawn and this big smile… This is the world he knows… he spent his first five months in Windsor, and that was it. This is home to him, this is home to Lili. And this is our home.”

The clips show Lilibet’s tentative steps as she’s holding onto her mother’s hands as she’s learning to walk.  Meghan is pictured gardening with her children and in one moment Harry is playing ball with his son.

Another sweet video showed the Prince reading to his two kids on the sofa of their family home. Their stunning US home is the perfect place for raising their children as it comes complete with an epic adventure playground and a vast outdoor pool.

As revealed in the series, and previously on their Oprah interview, the couple house chickens on their estate, and tending to them appears to be a family affair with the kids joining in the fun too. 

Inside the residence, the children have their own rooms and Lilibet’s gorgeous nursery was even showcased in one of the episodes. The little ones can also make use of the games room and immaculately decorated living spaces.

The Netflix show also included photos of Meghan’s pregnancy bumps with both her children. There was one moment when Archie was seen resting on his mother’s blossoming stomach and another where the Duchess was barefoot on a beach while expecting.


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