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As Rumors Swirl About Blake Shelton’s Marriage, Details Of Why He’s Allegedly Leaving The Voice Are Also Emerging

There was some suspicion that Blake Shelton’s role as a coach for the aspiring up-and-comers had lost some of its appeal before he revealed that the forthcoming season of The Voice would be his final. Shelton has expressed his displeasure with several aspects of the competition over the past two seasons, and he has begun to imply that the competition will end “sooner rather than later.” Rumors about possible conflict between the country singer and his wife Gwen Stefani have started to circulate as additional information about his probable departure becomes available. Let’s examine what is being said.

Has Blake Shelton’s decision to leave The Voice been influenced by behind-the-scenes drama?

Blake Shelton will be the only member of The Voice’s coaching staff to have remained on the programme from its debut in 2011, when he announces his departure after Season 23. It’s impressive to have worked at any job for so long, but there’s little doubt that filming two seasons a year has been tough (with the lone exception of Spring 2022). The show has altered over time, and the on-camera conflict has gotten out of hand, according to a Radar insider, who stated:

When the eight semifinalists were divided into the top four, who advanced directly to the finale, and the bottom four, who would compete for the fifth and final position, The Voice faced criticism. The top four vote-getters were all white,

When it comes to disputes over musicians, Blake Shelton has been just as guilty of “backstabbing” as anyone when he put his marriage to Gwen Stefani to the test by snatching one of her artists. Nevertheless, that episode occurred during December’s live performances, months after Shelton’s declaration. While rumours about the endearing pair are also swirling, that raises another intriguing topic.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton experienced a number of tender moments while the cameras were rolling, and they frequently emphasised how thrilled they were to be working together on The Voice as a married couple. Radar noted that some spectators at the NASCAR Busch Lite Clash, which took place at the Los Angeles Coliseum on February 5, had a different perspective. According to separate observers,They were depressed, and everything seemed really tense. According to a supposed “pal” of the pair:

In the summer of 2022, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani celebrated their first wedding anniversary. Although being forced to compete as coaches on The Voice, the duo never fails to appreciate one another. But the insider told Radar that it was all a show for the cameras.

There is no denying Blake Shelton’s fame from The Voice, but we’ll probably never know for sure if his wife felt jealous. It’s impossible to determine whether they are true or merely hearsay regarding the “Happy Anywhere” vocalists.

The singing competition won’t feature Gwen Stefani and her husband for Season 23, so we won’t know anything until it resumes. Instead, Kelly Clarkson will return, and the two most successful coaches will be joined in the Big Red Chairs by newcomers Niall Horan and Chance the Rapper. On Monday, March 6, at 8 p.m. ET, NBC will air the debut. To find out what other premieres are coming up soon, view our 2023 TV schedule.


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