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Baby Number 4 For William and Kate? An Insider Has Answers!

Princess Kate has always wished for four kids. The 41-year-old is very clear about this. Has she finally been successful in persuading Prince William to have a fourth child?

It’s always a possibility that Princess Kate (40) and Prince William (40) will give birth to a fourth child soon.

Prince William and Princess Kate quarrel.

Kate is open about her desire to become pregnant again. Now there is reason to assume that Kate has even succeeded in persuading William, according to an insider.

“Four children were always on Kate’s list of priorities. Kate had to persuade William for a while, though. Three children, according to him, are more than enough. He felt overwhelmed by the notion of having four “a source told Us Weekly this.

Can you believe it? After all, the royals like to joke that William no longer wants another child. “I think William might be slightly worried,” Kate once said during a public appointment, explaining that she was thinking about having another child after meeting children.

William is also open about his opposition to having a fourth kid. Don’t give her any notions, he once warned in jest to those speaking to his wife at a gathering.

It seems doubtful that a fourth child will be born, but who knows? Perhaps Prince George (age 9), Princess Charlotte (year 7), and Prince Louis (age 4) will soon welcome a new sibling.


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