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Bafta film awards 2023: Helen Mirren leads special tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

Legendary actress Dame Helen Mirren led a special homage to the late monarch at the Bafta film awards, recalling the Queen as the “nation’s leading star” in her remarks.

Dame Helen, a Bafta fellow, addressed the audience at this year’s award presentation on Sunday at the Royal Festival Hall, saying: “Bafta’s relationship with Her Majesty was extensive, and Bafta would not be what it is today without her devoted support.

“The entire globe saw her coronation broadcast in 1953. Since since, she has been without a doubt the country’s leading lady while remaining as enigmatic as a silent movie diva.

The celebrity went on: “Who else could meet the most well-known musicians, actors, and entertainers in the world and make them her supporting cast? She met the greatest movie stars during her 70-year reign and saw Hollywood’s golden period give way to the blockbuster era. Her Queen watched it all from the front row.”

The 77-year-old has represented the monarch on stage and television, and in 2006’s historical drama The Queen, she was honoured with an Oscar and a Bafta for her performance.

The grandmother of Princes William and Harry had a close relationship with the Academy for 50 years, contributing to and supporting programmes as well as attending several events.

In 2013, Kenneth Branagh presented the mother of King Charles III with an honorary Bafta in appreciation of her lifetime of support for British film and television.


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