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Dubious Source Claims Ben Affleck Supposedly Caught Having ‘Full-On Meltdown’ On Set

It is Ben Affleck Are you overwhelmed by your professional and personal life? One tabloid claims that the Argo actor’s stress levels are rising to an unhealthy level. Let’s see how Affleck is holding up.

Ben Affleck Suffers ‘On-Set Meltdown’?

This week In Touch reveals Ben Affleck looked “spitting mad”Photos taken at the film set. Sources claim that Affleck’s aggressive expression is evident as he leans towards actor Chris Messina in these images. “Something’s really eating at him,”Insider secrets “There’s a lot on his plate, and he’s been venting to people around him—he’s even lost it a few times.”

Affleck recently returned to the director’s chair for the first time in over six years, and the snitch insists it’s taking a toll on his mental health. “He’s also juggling a lot of other projects, co-parenting, house hunting, and working to stay sober, which is a constant battle,”

According to the tipter, According to the tipter, planning his wedding with Jennifer Lopez is what has been most taxing. “It’s a whole added level of stress,”The insider’s squeals. “There’s a lot of pressure to get it right this time, and he’s just exhausted.”

Ben Affleck ‘Lashing Out’What about His Co-Workers

Despite the tabloid’s carefully crafted story, Affleck never had an “on-set meltdown.” While the picture that the tabloid used certainly looks a bit concerning, you can’t always trust a still image to tell a complete story. Thankfully, there’s actually video footage of Affleck and Messina’s conversation. Affleck explains something, while Messina listens intently and nods at times.

Affleck is a very animated and engaging conversationalist. Affleck puts his entire body into the conversation, sometimes gesturing emphatically in order to convey his point. This is because of a similar mistake involving Jennifer Garner, his ex-wife.

This was late last year. Woman’s Day Affleck claimed that he had caught Garner and Garner during a heated argument. We were able to find video footage of the incident after doing some research. And once again, it was clear that the pair weren’t actually arguing.

But on a final note, we’re pretty sure wedding planning wasn’t stressing Affleck out too bad. Lopez and Affleck just announced they were getting married. The couple got married in an impromptu Vegas ceremony, and they couldn’t be happier. Obviously, the outlet wasn’t really talking to anyone in Affleck’s social circle, or they would have seen this important development coming.

More Bennifer Gossip in The Tabloid

Of course, we’ve learned not to believe everything we read about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, especially when it’s coming from In Touch. A magazine claimed that Lopez was trying to get Affleck married before Jennifer Garner, John Miller and John Garner were married.

Then the outlet reported Garner didn’t approve of Affleck and Lopez’s engagement. The outlet also claimed that Lopez was made to feel humiliated and threatened by Affleck. So, we’re confident that Touch Never really got any insight into their relationship.


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