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Biden Dunks on GOP After Social Security, Medicare Flub

As a result of being heckled on the matter during his State of the Union address the day before, Biden used specific names while discussing Republicans who have pushed to reevaluate Social Security and Medicare.

Biden took his message on the road Wednesday, praising his economic record and cautioning Wisconsinites that Republicans would eliminate Social Security and Medicare, after fending off Republican hecklers during his State of the Union address on Tuesday night.

And the president this time used aliases.

At a Laborers’ International Union of North America training centre in DeForest, Wisconsin, close to Madison, Biden addressed Laborers’ International Union of North America members. “My Republican friends, they seemed shocked when I raised the plans of some of the members of their caucus to cut Social Security,” Biden said. It prompted Republican lawmakers to cry, “lie, liar, house on fire,” Biden stated mockingly, citing Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia as an example.

Biden purposefully avoided naming specific Republicans during his national address who have called for reevaluating or slashing Social Security and Medicare, two programmes that American workers contribute to through automatic payroll deductions. Politeness was replaced by politics while travelling.

Sen. Rick Scott of Florida, a longtime leader of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, comes first, according to Biden. The president continued, waving the brochure in front of the crowd, “He has a plan; I’ve got it right here.”

He continued by reading from the proposal, which stipulated that all federal programmes would expire after five years and would then need to be reauthorized and funded by Congress.

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On Wednesday, Scott, who previously accused Biden of lying about the suggestion in his 2020 campaign memo, repeated his criticism on Twitter.

Every federal law expires after five years, as I recommended in my plan last night after @JoeBiden rambled for a bit on Twitter. A legislation can be passed anew by Congress if it is worthwhile to do so.” Scott penned.

That does indeed imply that Social Security would not end after five years. The popular programme would be subject to cuts every five years, depending on the whims of the Congress at the time, the White House has frequently noted.

Biden then turned local.

By the way, you have a… er… senator named Ron Johnson,” Biden added as the audience booed him. ” Ron Johnson, quoting, “We should transfer everything,” in reference to Social Security and Medicare.Hence, we must consider everything, every year,” the Wisconsin Republican said, according to Biden.

But, as he was discussing the threat to Social Security on Tuesday night, Biden singled out Sen. Mike Lee of Utah, a Republican who was among those who shook their heads in disapproval.

On a video that I didn’t even know existed, Lee is heard telling a small gathering that “my purpose is to phase out Social Security, rip it out by its roots, get rid of it” on Tuesday and Wednesday. In the 2010 video, Lee claims that Medicare and Medicaid “are the same sort.”

The president called out Republicans on their genuine plans, according to the White House, which was extremely happy with the spontaneous exchange that took place Tuesday night when Biden brought up risks to the entitlement programmes.

The debate came to a conclusion when Biden requested that they all “stand up for elders,” prompting virtually the entire chamber to stand and applause.

While the president has not formally declared his intention to seek reelection, he is actively campaigning as he, Vice President Kamala Harris, First Lady Jill Biden, and members of his Cabinet make separate trips across the nation to highlight Biden’s achievements in the economy and infrastructure development.

And while Biden made fun of Republicans’ comments about Social Security and Medicare, he also used the infrastructure law as an example of what could be achieved via cooperation between the two parties.

In the preceding year, we accomplished a lot of good, bipartisan work, according to Biden. “Why can’t we try it one more?”

The president will visit Florida on Thursday, where former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis are two candidates who could challenge him for the presidency in 2024.


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