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Dubious Rumor Says Blake Lively Supposedly Fed Up With Ryan Reynolds’ Apparent Hygiene Problems

Does Ryan Reynolds smell really bad? One report says the Deadpool star is grossing out Blake Lively with his lack of personal hygiene. The story smells fishy, so let’s see what’s going on.

According to the National Enquirer, Reynolds’ feet smell terrible, and Lively isn’t happy about it. “Ryan thinks it’s cool to wear no socks with his shows like all the hip guys do,” a source explains. “But his feet sweat so much they smell like moldy cheese. Blake literally has to hold her nose when Ryan tries to hug her.”

Since the smell permeates their whole closet, Lively has apparently had Reynolds’ rank shoes wrapped in plastic bags and quarantined in the corner. Since starting his acting sabbatical, the insider reveals, Reynolds has really let himself go. Lively supposedly has managed to get Reynolds back in the shower recently, but his foot odor is another issue entirely.

The source concludes by saying that although Lively doesn’t want to be a bother, she’s at her wit’s end with Reynolds. “This ‘no socks’ situation is becoming a smelly problem,” they say, “and she’s going to have to get tough again.”

Is Ryan Reynolds Smelly?

What a strange and gross story. Most of the time tabloids just allude to vague issues like Blake Lively’s supposed career insecurity or Ryan Reynolds’ obsession with success as causes for a divorce. This story about Reynolds smelling bad is far cruder.

Two points from this story are impossible to trust. First, how could these so-called sources possibly know if Reynolds smells bad or not? He’s taking an acting sabbatical so he’s not in public much anyway. Plus, you’d have to get pretty close to him to catch a whiff.

The second point concerns Lively’s closet desires. We’re really supposed to believe the Enquirer has a mole close enough to Lively and Reynolds to know how they lay out their closet? Even close friends may not know or care about those details, yet they’re a central point of evidence in this story.

If we were to guess, it looks like the Enquirer noticed that Reynolds likes the no visible sock trend, so it created this convoluted hit piece around it.

In 2019, Reynolds told W Magazine that he’s worn fragrances for years and really doesn’t want to smell bad. We’re more inclined to trust the nose closest to the source rather than the tabloid, so it looks like this story is totally false.

Bad Reputation

This outlet once claimed Reynolds was too close to Sandra Bullock and Lively was getting furious.

Bullock is in a relationship, and Lively understands that The Proposal is just a movie. We also busted its story about Reynolds and Lively adopting a baby. They still only have three children, so that story was bogus as well. This is not a valid source for Reynolds news.


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