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Brad Pitt Allegedly Has a New A-List Celebrity Suitor. Latest gossip Claims

Does Brad Pitt Are you a potential A-list couple? One tabloid claims one of Hollywood’s biggest names has set her sights on Pitt. Here’s the latest gossip about Pitt’s love life.

Is An A-List Actress ‘Eyeing’Brad Pitt?

This week OK! Reports suggest that Brad Pitt has attracted Charlize Thron’s attention, and it could be the unexpected couple. “perfect match.”Theron and Pitt started to spark dating rumors after they appeared together in a 2018 commercial shoot. “but it stirred up such a frenzy at the time that it became unfeasible to them to hook up, even though the chemistry was definitely there,”Insider’s explanation. “But things are different now for both of them.”

Pitt hasn’t had many romantic ties since divorcing Angelina Jolie, and Theron has been single for almost seven years now. “Charlize has put the word out to see if Brad’s interested in meeting up again, so the ball’s in his court,”This is what the tipper says. “But with so many friends in common and the genuine connection they share, it seems like a no-brainer. Charlize is confident—and cautiously excited — about where this could be headed!”

Are Pitt and Theron The Latest? ‘Power Couple’?

While anything’s possible, this story seems incredibly unlikely. It’s true that Charlize Theron and Brad Pitt sparked dating rumors back in 2018 after starring in a commercial together. But from what we can tell, the rumors gained so much traction because of a rumored feud between Theron and Pitt’s ex-wife Angelina Jolie. But it was not surprising that neither the feud nor the dating rumors were true.

Due to their similarity and tendency to gravitate towards the same roles, outlets often pit Jolie and Theron against each other. But According to Theron, she hasn’t spent much time around Jolie. But she describes Jolie as being “always so lovely” “gracious and lovely and warm”in their brief interactions.

And just like Theron and Jolie’s rumored feud, Theron and Pitt’s romance was similarly nonexistent. Representatives The rumors were denied by Pitt and Theron at the timeHe claimed that the couple met on the set of their commercial. They parted ways shortly afterwards. In a Ellen DeGeneres will be making a 2019 appearanceTheron rewrote the record on her talk-show. After Theron’s Bombshell Nicole Kidman, Nicole’s co-star, insists that she “did not date Brad,”Theron laughs. “Apparently I did,” referencing the media’s insistence that they were once an item.

Four years after brief collaboration, we have serious doubts that Theron still longs for Pitt. Actually, in a Drew Barrymore interview 2020, Theron insisted that she doesn’t “long for that much,” adding, “I can honestly say this, on my life: I don’t feel lonely.” It really seems like Theron is totally fulfilled by her work, humanitarian efforts, and lovely daughters; Theron isn’t chasing after anybody, let alone Brad Pitt.

More Brad Pitt Dating Rumors

Charlize Theron isn’t the only actress OK! Brad Pitt was incorrectly pinned. The tabloid has been spreading rumors for years that Pitt will reunite with Jennifer Aniston. In 2019, the tabloid reported that Pitt was in Cabo with Aniston to celebrate her 50th birthday.

The magazine then reported that Pitt and Aniston had teamed up to make a movie. The magazine also reported that Aniston and Pitt had planned to spend the holidays together in December. Obviously, OK! doesn’t really have the inside scoop on Pitt’s love life that it pretends to.


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