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In New York City, Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk were photographed strolling arm-in-arm

In New York City, Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk were photographed strolling arm-in-arm. On Sunday, Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk were seen strolling arm-in-arm in New York City, reigniting reunion rumors.

Earlier this month, Shayk uploaded an Instagram selfie of herself and Cooper celebrating Halloween together, reigniting speculation about the ex-couple reconnecting.

Cooper and Shayk called it quits after four years of dating in June 2019. Despite their breakup, the ex-couple has continued to spend time together as co-parents of their 4-year-old daughter Lea. The sight of them walking arm-in-arm, on the other hand, has fueled rumors of a future reunion.

Cooper was photographed smiling from ear to ear as he walked alongside his former lover, whose facial expression was obscured by her face mask and sunglasses in photos released Tuesday. The fact that they were not with their child when they went for a stroll adds to the rumor.


Cooper and Shayk have been apart for more than two years. They had recently welcomed their first and only kid together at the time. They have remained in one other’s lives since their divorce due of their daughter, uploading images of them and their child enjoying quality time together.

Cooper and Shayk have been taking turns watching after Lea, according to a source who spoke to E! News in March 2020. The source told the newspaper, “They have a fantastic system in place for Lea and they take turns with her.”

“They also get together as a family and do things together when they have the opportunity.” They have a lot of communication and are good friends.” “They both care deeply for their kid and come together for her.”

They’re getting along swimmingly, and everything is looking up. The insider stated, “It’s still a transition period, and they’re trying to figure out how it’s going to operate going forward, but they’re in a good spot.”

After spending Halloween together with their child earlier this month, supporters of the ex-couple assumed that they had gotten back together.

A man dressed as a gorilla drew the attention of viewers in one of Shayk’s Instagram images, since the costume resembled one Cooper donned during a costume party they had attended together as a couple.


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