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Why People Think Britney Spears, Sam Asghari Will Get Divorced

Britney Spears other sam asghari they are finally married. Good for you! Although the two seem in love with each other, people believe that they are not meant to last. Let’s study these rumors and find out their root cause.

A review of Britney Spears and Sam Asghari

When Asghari met Spears, she was in the midst of her nightmarish guardianship. They met on the set of her “Slumber Party” music video in 2016. Part of Spears’s pleas to end her father’s control of her centered on marrying Asghari and having children.

As soon as she was legally allowed, they got engaged. He easily signed a rock-solid prenuptial agreement, and they are now about a month into their marriage.

What is the problem?

There are three main reasons people expect Spears and Asghari to divorce. The first was her haste to marry. the tabloids say Spears ran down the aisle while others say that she immediately regretted marrying Asghari. This is the easiest reason to discredit.

While it may seem like Spears was quick to get married, she and Asghari have been together for years. If anything, Spears probably wishes she had married years earlier than she did. Five years before an engagement is a very reasonable amount of time. Her Instagram shows a bunch of PDAs with loving messages from Asghari in the comments. She is not fed up with him.

Why else would they split?

Others point to precedent to show why Spears and Asghari won’t last. She has two marriages under her belt and neither lasted especially long. Her marriage to Jason Alexander lasted 55 hours, while her happy romance with fellow former dancer Kevin Federline only lasted three years. If her past is any indication, then she and Asghari cannot survive.

Except they have. One more time: Asghari and Spears have been together for six years and counting at this point, longer than she was with Federline. She was also 22 when she married Alexander and is now 40. With age often comes maturity and growth. She is not the same person that she was in 2004.

What about the mental health of Britney Spears?

The most common and problematic grounds for divorce center around Spears’ mental health. She’s been under as much scrutiny for her brain chemistry as anyone. Their brutal guardianship It’s finally over, but her often erratic Instagram posts leave many worried.

It is horrible to predict the end of a happy marriage due to mental health. There is no way of knowing how Spears is really doing. She’s a bit of an enigma, but there’s one thing we know for sure: she loves Asghari and couldn’t wait to marry him. Only time will tell if they are made to last.


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