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Britney Spears Slams Tabloids For ‘Constant Lies’ & ‘Borderline Harassment

Tabloids have come under fire from Britney Spears for publishing “continuous lies” about her. It was “very unsettling,” she claimed.

She posted on Instagram on Thursday, saying, “The relentless lies from the media and TMZ have been borderline harassing.” Given how crucial it is for me to have support and respect at this point in my life, I find it to be tremendously upsetting.

She continued by pointing out how the media has consistently propagated false information about her, calling it “very painful.”

“I think about optimism and eagerness for the future!!! With the removal of my conservatorship, my entire life has changed, and I merit respect “The musician, 41, gave an explanation. Given how totally ridiculous what is being said is, remarking on it almost feels shameful.

The performer asserted that she has a “right to defend myself against the cruelties of the outside world.” She also uploaded a short clip from the 1960s television programme “The Andy Griffith Show,” in which young Ron Howard and actor Andy Griffith discuss spreading gossip that is hurtful and derogatory about people.

Griffith tells Howard in the video, “Just because somebody says something doesn’t mean it has to be printed.” “You don’t spread gossip about somebody that is cruel and unpleasant. So many additional interesting anecdotes exist to include them all.”

When we included the nice kinds of tales, nobody wanted to buy the paper, Howard said.

After raising questions about the singer’s wellbeing with a video she posted on Instagram, Spears made the statement. The singer flaunted her new clothing while speaking with an Aussie accent in the video.

Many, however, remarked that the film was spooky, and some even made the assumption that she was subject to Project MKUltra, an unlawful mind control programme.

Prior to this, Spears was in a conservatorship, which allowed her father, Jamie Spears, to make decisions regarding her personal and professional life. Yet after nearly 14 years, the conservatorship came to an end in 2021.


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