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Brooklyn Beckham unveils new massive tattoo portrait of his wife Nicola Peltz

I got like over 20 [tattoos] dedicated to her, Nicola Peltz, Brooklyn Beckham revealed.

Brooklyn Beckham amazed his followers by revealing his most recent tattoo, which is a tribute to his devoted wife, Nicola Peltz.

The oldest child of David and Victoria Beckham, Brooklyn, has admitted that he is “obsessed” to obtaining tattoos honouring his wife, with whom he wed last year.

In his most recent interview with Erin Lim Rhodes of The Rundown, the 23-year-old budding chef displayed a sizable, inked depiction of Nicola on his upper arm.

Brooklyn acknowledged that in the early stages of their romance, he began acquiring tattoos in honour of Nicola. He remembered, “I am half covered with stuff for her, and it was relatively soon after we started dating.I probably have about 20 that are her-only.

They’re really seductive, he said, especially when you’re in love because you want to hide everything.

Brooklyn clarified: He added, “I think it’s so like easy until you meet that one who you simply can’t live without. “More than anything, I love her. I constantly make an effort to please her. I only do that.

He said, “My dad always said just do everything to make her happy and don’t lie to her,” and “It’s true: Happy wife, happy life.” He also revealed his father’s advise for leading a happy married life.


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