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Camilla, Queen Consort’s Son, Tom Parker Bowles, Joins The Brutal Fight Against Prince Harry

It seems that Camilla, Queen Consort, is on Team Prince William when it comes to the manner in which Prince Harry should be punished.

Queen Camilla was left humiliated, and her reputation was questioned even by her faithful backers after the many revelations made in Prince Harry’s tell-all book Spare.

Like Prince William, the Queen Consort believes that King Charles III has not done enough to take revenge on Prince Harry.

The Queen Consort wants Prince Harry and Meghan Markle banished from London because she no longer wishes to see their faces again.

To accomplish such a devious goal, Queen Camilla has decided to take matters into her own hands.

Camilla, Queen Consort, has decided not only will Prince Harry be isolated at the coronation ceremony, but also from the Royal Family, and he will be replaced by her son, Tom Parker Bowles.

According to a fascinating piece published in the Times, the Queen Consort’s son has what it takes to play Prince Harry’s role in the royal sphere.

The 48-year-old food writer and the rest of Queen Consort’s family will steal the spotlight from Prince Harry on coronation day.

According to the publication: “Now, however, at the coronation in May, it seems that it will be Harry who is little more than a face in the congregation. Instead, it is reported that the son of Tom Parker Bowles and his sister Laura’s twin boys will have a formal role at the ceremony, probably, I understand, as pages.

“The Sussexes,” one royal commentator opined, “will now have to watch on as Camilla’s family steal the limelight, a nation’s hearts, and millions if not billions of clicks and likes.”

According to the article, Tom Parker Bowles, the professional eater can bring to the Royal Family what Prince Harry was not able to do.

The author spoke about Bowles’s superpower as a harmonizer and peacemaker by writing: “As a royal expert, however, I do have one other thought: if indeed Harry is deposed in favor of TPB, it may not be a bad swap. Where the professional spare brings discord, the professional eater brings harmony.”

The piece shared a mini-bio of the divorcee and father of two. It was revealed that he was often harassed by the media because of his mother and King Charles’s jaw-dropping scandals.

He turned to cocaine when times got rough and is “incredibly respectful about his stepfather.”

The insider added: “He boarded at seven in a pedophile-inclined prep school and then, at Eton, although happier there, endured the press’s vilification of his mother. He was 18 when Diana named Camilla as her husband’s lover;

19 when Charles’s tampon fantasy about his mother became public. Aged 24, he found the press coming after him too. He admitted to snorting cocaine at Cannes. It was nothing to do with the pressures of his situation, and he has said, “I just loved raving.”

The Duke of Sussex might skip the big event.


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