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Camilla’s Hairstylist Speaks on Coronation Concerns and Preparations

Jo Hansford, the hairstylist for Queen Consort Camilla, recently expressed her thoughts on the upcoming coronation, particularly regarding the challenges of creating a hairstyle that accommodates a crown.

Having collaborated with the Duchess of Cornwall for 35 years, Hansford maintains a close relationship with her but treats her with the same respect and honesty as any other client.

During a BBC Radio 4 interview with host Nuala McGovern, Hansford discussed the forthcoming coronation, remarking, “I think she’ll look gorgeous,” but adding that she believes Camilla is “nervous like any other person would be nervous.”

Hansford acknowledged the challenge of “putting the crown on without changing the style,” but she won’t be present at the ceremony to assist the duchess. Instead, she’ll be “watching it on the telly.” Confident in Camilla’s appearance, Hansford noted, “her hair will look the same as it always looks, and it does look good now.”

The stylist also mentioned how Camilla’s hair color has evolved over time, explaining that as “skin tones change,” hair color should transition to “lighter, softer” shades.

Queen Consort Camilla will don the crown worn by Queen Mary during her 1911 coronation alongside King George V. The heirloom, adorned with 2,200 diamonds, is expected to include the Cullinan III, IV, and V diamonds from Queen Elizabeth II’s personal jewelry collection.

King Charles III will wear two crowns, the St. Edward Crown and the Imperial State Crown, created for King Charles II in 1661 and worn by Queen Elizabeth II at her 1953 coronation, respectively.

Hansford’s comments echo those of Camilla’s son, Tom Parker Bowles, who discussed his mother’s nervousness during an interview on the Apple News podcast “The News Agents.” He acknowledged the anxiety surrounding the coronation but praised both Camilla and King Charles III for “doing amazingly.”

Following the coronation at London’s Westminster Abbey on May 6, Camilla will drop the “Consort” title and be known as “Queen Camilla.” In her Platinum Jubilee message in June 2022, the late Queen Elizabeth II expressed her wish for Camilla to be called “Queen Consort” upon Prince Charles’ ascension to the throne.

Despite public concerns about the title change, royal experts argue that it is appropriate for the duchess to assume the late monarch’s title as the reigning queen.


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