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Carrie Underwood’s husband Mike Fisher shares rare photo of son Isaiah that gets fans talking

Carrie Underwood loves spending time at home with her husband Mike Fisher and their two sons, Jacob, three, and seven-year-old Isaiah.

While there, she enjoys indulging in more adventurous activities, like caring for their extensive ranch and even the occasional shooting practice.

It seems the love for the game has passed down to her son Isaiah, as captured by her husband Mike, who gushed about his pride for his older son.

He shared a picture of a day spent with his boy living off the land, brandishing a crossbow as he aimed out the car’s window.

“A few days late but Saturday was #nationalhuntingandfishingday so Izzy and I got out in the woods!” Mike wrote of the photograph. 

“I have some great memories as a kid hunting with my dad and I’m grateful he passed it down to me. I know not everyone likes to hunt but the more we can get ourselves and our kids outside in God’s creation the better!”

Many of his fans responded positively and cheered him on for their active lifestyle, as one wrote: “The best memories are made with Dad in the deer stand! Love this!!”

Another also said: “That’s how my boys grew up!!! Huntin’ and fishin’ with their dad! A blind is a great place for quiet conversation.”

However, there were a few who were against the idea of hunting as a sport and weren’t so pleased about seeing Isaiah partake in it at his age.

One of his followers commented: “You can certainly explore God’s creations without a gun,” while another also wrote: “I totally agree with getting all kids out to enjoy God’s beautiful creation but sorry hunting is not for me.”

Mike also shared a previous glimpse of Isaiah getting a hang of the crossbow, and it was clear that he was beaming with pride upon seeing so.


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