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Carrie Underwood’s toned physique triggers conversation amongst her fans

Carrie Underwood was reminiscing about a huge rock star moment on Tuesday when she took to social media with a photo alongside Axl Rose. 

The country music singer shared a snapshot of herself performing on stage with the Guns N Roses legend and captioned it: “Oh, remember that one time I was a rock star?.?.?.?. #axlrose #GunsNRoses #London.”

While many commented on how epic the show was, others couldn’t stop marveling at her toned physique. 

In the snapshot, Carrie wore a pair of tiny denim shorts which showed off her muscular legs. 

One fan commented: “You were fabulous. So beautiful. So talented. And the hottest legs since Tina Turner,” while a second said: “Those legs, girl!!!! #goals,” and a third wrote: “Carrie’s legs,” and there were hoards of shocked face and on-fire emojis too. 

Carrie isn’t just a world-famous country music star, she’s also an advocate for keeping fit.

The mom-of-two has her own fitness app, Fit52, which was founded in 2020. It’s designed to encourage and support people on their wellness journey, offering a wide range of workout routines that can be done in as little as 30 minutes.

Carrie often talks about her health and fitness journey and previously gave an insight into her daily diet in an interview with Women’s Health.

A typical breakfast for her is a tofu or egg-white scramble, Ezekiel toast, berries and coffee. Lunch is usually a sandwich with Tofurky, tomato, avocado, red onion, spinach and mustard.

Dinner tends to be roasted vegetables and a piece of vegan chicken or a tofu stir-fry, while snacks consist of green smoothies or protein bars.

When it comes to her workouts, she says she never regrets hitting the gym. “I am never sad or sorry that I worked out – thinking how I will feel when I am done makes me feel better,” she shared on the podcast Mind Over Matter, admitting that “by the end of it I feel accomplished”.

Carrie added: “If it is a rainy day and I don’t want to get up… I just get in there and get going,” Carrie added, revealing that “even if it’s not my full effort, even if I am a six out of 10 for the day, if that’s alI have to give that’s all I have to give.”


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