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Casey Affleck Allegedly Doesn’t Approve Of Ben Affleck’s Relationship With Jennifer Lopez, Anonymous Source Says

Is Casey Affleck avoiding his brother, Ben, amid his rekindled romance with Jennifer Lopez? One tabloid claims Casey is no fan of the A-listers’ lifestyles. Let’s check in on the Affleck brothers.

While Hollywood has been fawning over Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez since their reunion last year, OK! reports Ben’s brother Casey is less than impressed by the pair. “He finds them superficial,” an insider dishes. “Ben and Jen are at the center of the whole L.A. social scene, which Casey finds frivolous and has really divorced himself from.”

Sources say Casey “is a guy who’s always searching, reading and writing and trying to figure himself out,” adding, “The fancy parts of being famous hold no interest to him.” And while Casey’s own romance with Caylee Cowan heats up, the tipster insists that there won’t be any double dates in the future. “Casey is allergic to the circus Ben’s life has become, and it’s not a world he knows or cares to navigate,” the snitch concludes. “He and Caylee won’t be double-dating with Bennifer anytime soon!”

Casey Affleck Thinks Ben Is ‘Superficial’?

Yeah, we aren’t buying this story. First of all, even if Casey Affleck wasn’t Jennifer Lopez’s biggest fan, we doubt we’d ever hear a word about it from him. Throughout the years, Casey and Ben have been nothing less than supportive of one another. Even if he didn’t like Lopez, we doubt he’d say or do anything to hurt his brother’s relationship. So, we’re sure neither Casey nor anyone close to the actor is dishing such insulting nonsense to this tabloid.

Besides, it doesn’t look like Casey has publicly addressed his brother’s new romance at all. If he really was telling people how “frivolous” he thought Ben and Lopez were, other news outlets would be all over it. But the radio silence tells us that this tabloid took the dubious testimony of an unvetted source and ran with it. Fans of the Afflecks are better off waiting until Casey himself addresses the matter. And, in the meantime, reports like these shouldn’t be taken seriously in the slightest.

The Tabloid On Ben Affleck

Of course, OK! has never been a trustworthy source wherever Ben Affleck is involved. Last year, the outlet reported Ben was fighting with Lopez because he refused to go to the gym. Then the magazine claimed Lopez was forcing Ben Affleck to FaceTime her “every night before bed” while he was on set. And finally, the publication alleged Ben was fighting with ex-wife Jennifer Garner. Clearly, OK! doesn’t have any real insight into Ben Affleck’s personal life.


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