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King Charles and Camilla’s coronation robes revealed as Queen Consort to pay tribute to late Queen

King Charles and Camilla’s coronation robes have been revealed, with the Queen Consort set to pay tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II with hers.

The coronation is less than a week away. The historic ceremony is going to be taking place next Saturday (May 6).

Camilla and King Charles walking
The King and Queen’s robes have been revealed (Credit: CoverImages.com)

King Charles and Camilla coronation robes revealed

The royal website has detailed the robes of King Charles and Camilla for the upcoming coronation.

In accordance to tradition, the King and Queen Consort will wear two different robes during the ceremony. These are The Robes of State and the Robes of Estate. Charles and Camilla will wear the Robes of State upon their arrival at Westminster Abbey on Saturday.

Meanwhile, the Robes of Estate are then worn on departure after the ceremony. Traditionally, these are more personalised in design.

Charles’ Robe of State – which Charles will wear on arrival – is made of crimson velvet. King Geoge VI wore it at the coronation in 1937.

Meanwhile, the Queen Consort will pay a sweet tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II with her Robe of State.

King Charles and Camilla smiling
What will the royal couple wear at the coronation? (Credit: CoverImages.com)

What will King Charles and Camilla wear at the coronation?

Camilla, 76, will wear a Robe of State, originally made for the late Queen ahead of her coronation in 1953. It too is made from crimson velvet. On departure, the King will wear the Robe of Estate –  made of purple silk velvet. It has been embroidered in gold. King George VI wore it at his coronation in 1937.

Meanwhile, the Royal School of Needlework made and hand embroidered the Queen Consort‘s Robe of Estate.

The Royal School of Needlework’s design of the robes draws on the themes of nature and the environment – reflecting the royal couple’s “affection” for the natural world. Additionally, for the first time, insects, including bees and a beetle will feature on the robe. A number of plants are going to be featuring on the robe too, including Lily of the Valley, Myrtle, and Delphinium.

Lily of the Valley was one of the late Queen’s favourite flowers. Additionally, it also featured in Camilla’s wedding bouquet.

Queen Camilla looking awkward
Could Camilla reconcile with her stepson? (Credit: CoverImages.com)

Camilla tipped for Harry reconciliation?

In other news, bookies tip Camilla and Prince Harry to reconcile at the upcoming coronation.

The Duke of Sussex didn’t hold back when it came to discussing his stepmother in his autobiography, Spare. As well as branding her a “villain”, he also referred to her as a ‘wicked stepmother’ in the book. Harry then accused Camilla of ‘sacrificing’ him on her ‘personal PR altar’. Camilla, however, reportedly feels “hurt” by Harry’s scathing attack.

Now, bookies OLBG have tipped Harry and Camilla to reconcile at the coronation next weekend. The odds for Prince Harry to give Camilla a kiss and make up at the coronation are currently at 3/1.

“Prince Harry, should he attend, may build some bridges and is Evens (1/1) to shake Prince William’s hand on camera,” Jake Moore, a spokesperson for OLBG, exclusively told ED!.

Additionally, he then continued, saying: “While a kiss for Camila is 3/1 and Kate 2/1.”


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