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King Charles brings in the diggers as late Queen’s home gets makeover

His Majesty’s Norfolk home with Queen Consort Camilla is undergoing changes.

King Charles III has actioned a number of changes since taking over the monarchy, and one of them is to overhaul the gardens at Sandringham, the Norfolk home he shares with Queen Consort Camilla.

On Thursday, the team shared photos by Gary Pearson to showcase the progress so far. The images showed the ground churned up, with multiple diggers and workmen on site.

Charles has actioned major changes at Sandringham

The caption read: “Progress in the Garden. The West Lawn redevelopment project now has many of the Yew trees and metal edging for the new beds laid out so the symmetrical areas can really be seen starting to take shape. Next steps are to add in the herbaceous plants in the coming weeks.”

When Charles announced the plans, a statement on his behalf read: “In recent years, with changing weather patterns the current expanse of lawn has been affected by warm weather and excessive rainfall.

The plans were announced earlier in the year

“The newly developed garden will introduce new species that are more robust, hardy and better able to withstand the impact of emerging weather patterns.”

The plan is for the project to be complete by mid-May ready for the house’s summer visitors to enjoy. In fact, the official website reads that the project has been spearheaded with them in mind, in order to create “joy for visitors and increase biodiversity” simultaneously.

The monarch has a focus on farming at the Norfolk residence, which has already converted to organic farming. It has been reported that Charles aims to turn it into the country’s leading organic sheep farm. Watch this space!

Charles’ garden at his Highgrove home is another outdoor space he takes great pride in. Charles originally bought the historic property in 1980, and since he has painstakingly transformed the land adjoining the house into a series of individual ‘outdoor rooms’ to showcase his gardening ideals and organic principles, all with a wide range of colourful flora and fauna.

These gardens are also open to visitors during certain times of the year, so members of the public can admire the idyllic space first hand.


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