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King Charles Delivers Brutal Takedown Of Prince Harry Over Title Change For Princess Lilibet Of Sussex

After months of negotiating, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle confirmed that their children have finally received their titles from their grandfather, King Charles III.

The young children will now be known as Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet Diana.

King Charles decided not to punish his grandchildren despite his ongoing war with their parents. A source told the Mirror the appropriate conversations took place ahead of Lilibet’s christening, which is why the couple was authorized to announce the change.

King Charles agreed to give his grandchildren their prestigious titles, not before a brutal takedown of Prince Harry and Markle for their repeated attacks on the institution of the monarchy and members of the Royal Family via Spare and the Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan.

A friend of King Charles told the Daily Beast: “The kids are entitled to the titles by convention. It’s just rather amazing that Harry and Meghan want to inflict them on their children, given the extent of their disappointment with the institution.”

Markle and Prince Harry shared the news while announcing Lilibet’s private and intimate christening at their California home.

In a statement issued via PEOPLE, the power couple revealed that 20-30 people attended the event, and billionaire filmmaker Tyler Perry has been chosen to be Lilibet’s godfather.

The renegade royals stated: “I can confirm that Princess Lilibet was christened on Friday, March 3, by the Archbishop of Los Angeles, the Rev John Taylor.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex invited Camilla, Queen Consort, King Charles, Prince William, and Kate Middleton to the christening, but they declined to attend.

Markle and Prince Harry confirmed that the fight over the titles for the children was resolved in the fall of 2022 when King Charles ascended to the throne after the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

The duo shared: “The children’s titles have been a birthright since their grandfather became Monarch. This matter has been settled for some time in alignment with Buckingham Palace.”

A royal source revealed to Page Six that Prince Harry and Markle were baffled by the Palace’s decision to update the Royal Family’s website to reflect the titles changes for Prince William and his entire family but never made the changes for Archie and Lilibet.

The person familiar with the situation told the media outlet: “The Duke and Duchess made it clear they wanted to use the titles for their children, as convention dictates. After the queen died, updates were made to the royal website, and despite their birthright, Archie and Lilibet were not given their titles.”

The source lashed out at King Charles for poorly handling the matter by saying: “If the titles had just been updated, along with everyone else, there would be no story.”

Buckingham Palace has confirmed the news, and the website has been updated. Archie and his younger sister, Lilibet, are now listed as Prince Archie of Sussex and Princess Lilibet of Sussex.

Since their birth, they were featured on the line of succession page as Master Archie Mountbatten-Windsor and Miss Lilibet Mountbatten-Windsor.

Prince Archie of Sussex and Princess Lilibet of Sussex might reunite with their grandfather during the coronation ceremony on May 6.


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