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King Charles Fires Warning Shots At Meghan Markle As Prince Harry Exposes His Family

In SparePrince Harry showed his hand, but King Charles III has some damaging moves of his own.

Millions of people have devoured Prince Harry’s autobiography, where he opened up about his many traumatic experiences and his insecurities.

The Duke of Sussex also used 400 pages to reveal his anger and frustration with his father, King Charles, and brother Prince William.

He paints his stepmother, Camilla, Queen Consort, as one of the main culprits of his complex story.

The soldier prince directly attacks Camilla, Queen Consort, for ruining his childhood, her obsession with becoming Queen, and leaking horrendous stories about the members of the British royal family.

Many close sources to His Majesty have revealed that he is boiling with anger that Prince Harry has decided to drag his spouse into the mess.

King Charles is not a man of many words; he is a man of action and will unapologetically protect his wife and the monarchy.

After making his disappointment and outrage known, King Charles decided to fire some warning shots at Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

The Sovereign let the renegade royals know that by playing with fire, he might burn them, their reputation, and their business plans by leaking the dreadful report on Markle’s bullying of her staff.

The sudden move would destroy Markle’s character as a kind-hearted woman and mother. And it would hurt her future endeavors as an activist and hurt her potential political ambitions.

This week, a royal expert spoke to many employees who told Palace officials that Markle was rude or made them cry.

The staff members revealed to the royal expert that their statements have not changed — Markle caused them pain and humiliation, and they are ready to talk to the world.

In an interview with Page SixValentine Low had this to say about the current situation: “The people I spoke to are absolutely still sticking to their story, claiming that Meghan bullied them. I can’t speak to the truth of that, of course, because I wasn’t in the room, and I haven’t heard Meghan’s side. But my sources still very much stick to their story.”

Many staffers, who took part in the independent review, are looking forward to the day when they can break from the NDAs they signed and do like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and share their truths with the public.

Royal commentator Jonathan Sacerdoti told Fox News: “I’ve heard that the staff who complained were made to sign NDAs by the palace, so they are unable to speak publicly. Meghan and Harry, on the other hand, signed massive commercial deals to explain their version of events to a mass audience.

If the palace decided to release former staff from their NDAs, it might be seen as an aggressive move towards Meghan and Harry, but if they are not released, Meghan and Harry’s counterclaims can’t be rebutted directly by the alleged victims of bullying themselves…

This is an example of the palace stopping former staff members from being able to speak out openly and publicly about their own experiences, which we can assume might be very damaging for the ex-working royals.”

The nasty revelations and accusations in Spare prompted King Charles to send a clear and public message to his son and daughter-in-law that he would not hold back the damaging bullying accusations for very long.

In early January, King Charles hinted at what was to come with a bold move.

Royal aide Jason Knauf, who is at the center of the investigation and blew the bullying scandal wide open, received a major honor.

Royal observers say Markle might be the one paying for her husband’s sins after he decided to publish a nasty memoir.


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