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King Charles Has Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Living In Fear With A Long List Of Dirty Secrets

King Charles III is discreetly implementing his plans to exact revenge on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for everything they have done to the Royal Family over the previous three years.

With their Netflix series and the best-selling book Spare, Markle and Prince Harry tarnished the reputation of the Royal Family.

In a series of interviews while promoting Spare, Prince Harry disparaged King Charles, Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Camilla, Queen Consort.

King Charles is rumoured to be living in constant fear of what he may unleash because the renegade pair is supposed to have no idea when he will act.

The extent of the harm will be unknown to Prince Harry and Markle until His Majesty is finished with them.

Prince Harry and Markle’s titles won’t be taken away by King Charles. He does not intend to forbid their entry to Buckingham Palace.

Yet, King Charles has the power to reveal many of Prince Harry and Markle’s dark secrets to the public. He cannot, of course, sue them for their outrageous charges.

Both the former actress and the royal of Britain would suffer embarrassment. However, if the information is sufficiently sleazy, it could damage their reputation and cost them commercial possibilities.

A lengthy list of well-known Hollywood figures may decide to stop working with Harry and Markle if King Charles decides to air some of their dirty linen.

A recent article that appeared on OK claims that Harry and his wife are “terrified” of the nightmarish scenario in which the Royal Family exposes his “deepest secrets” in retaliation.

One insider claims that the royal family is so furious about the issue that they would retaliate, according to the person in the know who told the publication: “There have been several rumours regarding their fury over the situation.

The insider continued, saying that Harry is terrified since he doesn’t know what is coming his way.

It wouldn’t surprise Harry if the royals revealed some of his darkest secrets to the public, the person alleged. must undermine Harry whenever possible, especially now that he has resisted them. He can only reject them as lies for the time being. He is aware that this is standard palace damage management.

King Charles, meanwhile, has laid a trap for Prince Harry and Markle by telling the public repeatedly that he wants harmony in the Royal Family and that he wants the exiled royals present for his coronation.

When it comes to the coronation, Prince Harry is considering whether or not to attend.

He will lose regardless of what he chooses.


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