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King Charles’ Heartwarming Tribute to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Unveiled by Close Friend

A close friend of King Charles has shed light on the monarch’s true feelings towards Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, suggesting that the royal couple is still held dear by Charles.

The revelation came amidst rumors of a strained relationship between the three, particularly following Prince Harry’s critical comments about Queen Consort Camilla in his autobiography, Spare, and subsequent interviews.

However, it seems that Harry and Meghan continue to occupy a special place in Charles’ heart-and his home. Gyles Brandreth, a TV host, author, and friend of the royal family, shared details of the touching tribute Charles and Camilla have made to the couple who moved abroad in 2020.

Speaking to Page Six, Brandreth revealed, “I’m lucky enough to go to Clarence House for events to do with charities and things. I’m a trustee of something called The Queen’s Reading Room, which is a real passion project of the new queen.” He continued, “There are pictures of Harry and Meghan on the piano [and] on the mantlepiece.”

Brandreth, who has met Charles and Camilla multiple times, claims that the royal pair is not preoccupied with the ongoing feud rumors. “I don’t think they [Charles and Queen Camilla] are obsessing about it; they are just getting on with it,” he said.

Prince Harry has been candid about his feelings towards his family members and their treatment of his wife in various TV interviews and his memoir, Spare. Despite this, he is set to attend the King’s Coronation, while Meghan will remain in the United States with their son, Prince Archie.

Ahead of his visit next month, Harry is reported to have made “homesick” calls to his father, seeking reassurances. Royal editor Russell Myers has said that the 38-year-old is secretly concerned about security arrangements and his placement in any seating plan.

Meghan was recently seen via videolink introducing a Ted Talk by her long-time friend and photographer Misan Harriman, who has taken many photos of Prince Harry, Meghan, and their family.

Harriman shared an image on social media of the Duchess of Sussex on the big screen, smiling as she spoke. He expressed his gratitude, writing, “The Duchess of Sussex was kind enough to introduce me unto the stage for my @ted. Thank you for the support, Meg.”


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