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King Charles met with chanting protestors outside Commonwealth Day service

In the most recent King Charles news, protesters heckled senior royals outside the Commonwealth Day service earlier today.

As the royals arrived at Westminster Abbey on Monday (March 13) in the afternoon, protesters waved signs and chanted at them.

The event comes after another anti-monarchy protest that took place last week while Charles and Camilla were in Colchester.

A King Charles news
The King’s siblings Princess Anne and Prince Edward, along with their respective partners Sophie and Timothy Laurence, were also there, in addition to Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Campaign organisation Republic reportedly said they will be at the Abbey to speak up as the Charles arrived for the service.

We are continuing a series of protests against the monarchy in the run-up to the coronation, according to Graham Smith, who purportedly spoke on behalf of the group. Charles’ useless parade will cost between £50-100 million, but it is completely unneeded.

“In light of recent arrests, we’re committed to spread the word that demonstrating against the royals is acceptable.”

One protester reportedly used a loudspeaker to ask Charles to “come and talk to your critics” in addition to holding posters that read “Not My King”.

First Commonwealth Day service as King for Charles
Charles walked outside to speak with the Ngati Ranana London Maori Club before the service began.

They danced to welcome him, and Charles also witnessed a customary greeting between members.

And in his first speech as monarch on Commonwealth Day, Charles praised his late mother’s commitment.

“Commonwealth Day was a time of particular pride for my cherished Mother, the late Queen,” he declared.

A priceless chance to honour the Commonwealth family, to whose welfare she devoted her lengthy and extraordinary life.

The Commonwealth has been a constant in Charles’ life, and despite its diversity, it never ceases to astound and motivate him.


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