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King Charles And Prince William’s Brutal Private Statement On Prince Harry’s Book Leaks

It has been confirmed that King Charles III and Prince William are not taking Prince Harry‘s shots lying down.

King Charles has created a war room in Buckingham Palace with an army of lawyers and senior aides to fight back against the revelations made by Prince Harry in his newly published bombshell book Spare.

Publicly there have been no official comments from the royals, but privately, King Charles’s attorneys have gone after the media outlets and the journalists that have taken part in interviews with Prince Harry in the past few days.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper, who did an explosive interview with Prince Harry, leaked the statement that King Charles’s representatives sent to him and CBS News.

King Charles’s associates demanded that Buckingham Palace be briefed before airing the program. Cooper explained that he was surprised by the request and added: “Its representatives demanded that before considering responding, 60 Minutes provide them without a report before airing it tonight.”

The reporter revealed that the network denied that luxury, insisting, “it’s something we never do.”

King Charles and his legion of attorneys also attempted and failed to lay down the law before ABC and presenter Michael Strahan aired their interview with Prince Harry.

While the interview was being broadcasted, Strahan shared the statement that he received from King Charles. Buckingham Palace’s law firm said they wanted to “consider what is said in the interview in the context in which it appears.” The Palace asked them to “immediately supply them with a copy of the entire interview.”

Strachan revealed Good Morning America slammed the request because it “does not do that as an organization as a matter of policy.” During his sit-down with Cooper, The Duke of Sussex was asked if he currently speaks or texts with King Charles and Prince William. The CNN anchor asked: “Do you speak to William now? Do you text?”

Prince Harry replied: “Uh, currently, no. But I look forward to — I look forward to us being able to find peace.” When Cooper asked how long it had been, Prince Harry replied, “A while.” Cooper continued: “Do you speak to your dad?”

Prince Harry stated: “We aren’t — we haven’t spoken for quite a while. “Um, no, not recently.” Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, do want to heal the rift with the Royal Family.

He shared: “Meghan and I have continued to say that we will openly apologize for anything that we did wrong, but every time we ask that question, no one’s telling us the specifics or anything. There needs to be a constructive conversation, one that can happen in private that doesn’t get leaked.”

Cooper went on to compare the Royal Family to “Game of Thrones without dragons.”

Prince Harry responded: “There’s definitely dragons. And that’s again the third party — which is the British press — so ultimately, without the British press as part of this, we would probably still be a fairly dysfunctional family, like, a lot are. But at the heart of it, there is a family, without question. Um — and I really look forward to having that family element back. I look forward to having a relationship with my brother. I look forward to having a relationship with my father and other members of my family.”

King Charles And Prince William’s Brutal Private Statement On Prince Harry’s Book Leaks


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