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King Charles won’t replace Queen Elizabeth on Australian $5 note

Will the monarchy still be depicted on Australian currency after the passing of Queen Elizabeth on September 10, 2022? has finally been answered by a statement from the Reserve Bank of Australia.

According to a statement from the RBA, “The Reserve Bank has decided to replace the $5 banknote to showcase a new design that honours the culture and heritage of the First Australians.”

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s portrait will be replaced by this new design.

The Australian Parliament will continue to be depicted on the back of the $5 notes.

After consulting with the federal authorities, the decision was made.

The Queen’s portrait will be replaced with a design that honours First Australians, a decision that may be perceived as a slight to the British Royal Family.

The late Queen initially made an appearance on Australian banknotes in 1953 on the one pound note, and then again in 1966 on the one dollar paper note.

When $5 notes bearing the image of Queen Elizabeth II went into circulation in July 1992 to commemorate her 40th anniversary as monarch, Queen Elizabeth II’s depiction on Australian money was subsequently “upgraded.”

The RBA stated that the design and printing process will “take a number of years,” so The Queen will remain be on our $5 bill for a while.

The $5 currency will be designed with First Australians’ input, the announcement said.

“The present $5 bill will continue to be printed in the interim. Even after the release of the new notes, it will still be functional.

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