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Chrissy Teigen REVEALS she has ’emerged stronger’ after pregnancy loss in upcoming cookbook

Chrissy Teigen is reminiscing about significant life experiences and growing as a person. On Monday, the actress tweeted the preface to her forthcoming cookbook Cravings: All Together, which will be released on October 26 and in which she writes,

“We’ve all gone through the ringer” in recent years for different reasons. Teigen says that family is “more important than ever,” and that the pandemic taught individuals this directly.

Check out her tweet here:

However, Teigen also spoke out about her own loss: Teigen and husband John Legend revealed on September 30, 2020, that they had lost their pregnancy with their baby Jack. “Without a doubt, I have just lived through a period more transformative than I could have ever imagined.

We lived through personal trauma, with the loss of our unborn baby, Jack,” she writes in the introduction. “And that turned a very private journey into personal love and acceptance of life and all of its wild, horrific, beautiful ups and downs. So many of you stood by us during that time! I cannot thank you enough.”

She further penned, “The journey changed me in ways nothing else ever could,” she continues, “and while it was the absolute most painful thing I have endured, I have emerged stronger and hungrier than ever. Hungry for my family, hungry for my friends, hungry for love, hungry for work, hungry to make you hungry, and just plain f—— hungry.”

Meanwhile, as per PEOPLE, Teigen, who also has a 5-year-old daughter Luna and a 3-year-old son Miles, celebrated National Sons Day on Instagram last month by honoring “the son we nearly had.” She posted a picture of herself sobbing in a hospital bed as Legend comforted her.


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