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George Clooney reveals how he first met wife Amal – and it leaves Drew Barrymore in shock

George Clooney broke the hearts of many worldwide when he tied the knot with Amal Alamuddin in 2014, and the two are even proud parents of five-year-old twins.

However, their romantic origins were largely kept under wraps, at least, only rarely talked about, that is, till the actor opened up about it more expansively to Drew Barrymore on her talk show.

“What did you think when you met her?” the ET actress asked him, which got him musing over their love story, which began in 2013 at his home in Lake Como, Italy.

“Well, it’s funny, she came to the house in Como with a friend of hers to visit,” he said, revealing that his agent was the one who played matchmaker.

Before visiting George at his home: “He called me up and said, ‘There’s a girl coming to your house that you’re going to marry,’ and I said, ‘You’re an idiot, that’s not going to happen.'”

However, things turned out for the better, as Amal ended up being someone George immediately hit it off with.

“And then comes Amal, and we stayed up all night talking. And I started writing her a bunch of letters,” he lovingly revealed.

It was this particular factoid that immediately shocked Drew and had her fawning, touched at the fact that the art of letter-writing hadn’t gone away.

“You wrote [to] her? Like on pen and paper?” she questioned, which George confirmed. And when he added that they still did, she exclaimed: “You still write letters!”

“We leave them on the pillow,” he shared, something which Drew and her audience definitely found to be quite the romantic declaration.

Fans reacted to the story with feelings of awe as well, as one commented on social media: “All the female viewers will now have a whole new standard in their communication via the pen and paper with their partners-to-be.”

A second gushed: “As if we can’t love him more….HE WRITES LETTERS!!” while a third joked: “My mail service is so bad any love letters written to me would end up in my neighbors recycling bin.”


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