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George Clooney’s true personality revealed during rare outing with Amal Clooney – details

George Clooney isn’t just one of the most well-known stars in Hollywood for nothing, as beyond his magnanimous screen presence, his charming personality shines through as well.

The actor certainly made an impression with that same personality during a rare outing with his wife Amal Clooney.

According to celebrity spotting platform Deux Moi, the couple were seen earlier in November at a Waldorf Astoria having lunch together.

What really struck out to the spotter, though, was his kindness, as it was noted that the Oscar winner was super nice to all the staff.

Fans have been consistently in love with George since the start of his film career, thanks to his acting chops, polished good looks, and dapper nature.

It’s that kind of behavior that even recently left Drew Barrymore swooning when he appeared on her talk show and opened up about the start of his relationship with Amal.

“What did you think when you met her?” the ET actress asked him, which got him musing over their love story, which began in 2013 at his home in Lake Como, Italy.

“Well, it’s funny, she came to the house in Como with a friend of hers to visit,” he said, revealing that his agent was the one who played matchmaker.

“And then comes Amal, and we stayed up all night talking. And I started writing her a bunch of letters,” he lovingly revealed.

It was this particular factoid that immediately shocked Drew and had her fawning, touched at the fact that the art of letter-writing hadn’t gone away.

“You wrote [to] her? Like on pen and paper?” she questioned, which George confirmed. And when he added that they still did, she exclaimed: “You still write letters!”

“We leave them on the pillow,” he shared, something which Drew and her audience definitely found to be quite the romantic declaration.


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