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Coronation organisers fear Prince Harry could pull out of event with days left to go

Concerns are rising about Prince Harry’s attendance at King Charles’ Coronation as organisers reportedly ‘still don’t know his plans’ for the historical event on May 6.

Fears are reportedly on the rise that Prince Harry could pull out of the King’s Coronation with only days left to go until the big event.

Organisers are said to still be in the dark about the Duke of Sussex’s plans for the monumental ceremony on May 6 including details like his time of arrival, where he’s staying, and if he’s happy with his seat in Westminster Abbey, the Mirror reports.

After weeks of widespread speculation about Harry’s attendance, he eventually announced he would be flying back to the UK to attend the official crowning while Meghan stays at home with their two kids.

A spokesperson for the Palace said: “Buckingham Palace is pleased to confirm that The Duke of Sussex will attend the Coronation Service at Westminster Abbey. The Duchess of Sussex will remain in California with Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet.”

However, the Mail on Sunday have reported that organisers have been left frustrated as they still don’t know the Duke’s plans.

It was previously reported that Harry does not have plans to stay after the ceremony and will likely jet back to the States to be with his family as they celebrate Prince Archie’s fourth birthday.

One source told the outlet: “He has not been responding other than in a “We acknow­ledge your email” holding manner. It’s like trying to communicate with Mars – it was easier to deal with Sinn Fein.”

“Harry seems to be adopting a High Noon approach, making everyone sweat about his movements. While the Royals are confident that he will show up, others involved are not quite so convinced.”

The news comes as the the Sunday Mirror revealed that King Charles’ Coronation will cost a jaw dropping £250m despite the monarch’s claims he wants a slimmed down, more cost effective monarchy.

Brits will fund the King’s lavish ceremony, amid the cost of living crisis, with around £150m of the money going towards security for the royals, an insider revealed.

Thousands of police officers and protection squads will be deployed while the rest goes towards staging the ceremony and the three days worth of celebrations. It cost Britain £1.57m to stage the Queen’s Coronation in 1953 which equates to around £47m in today’s money.

However, increased security threats and a series of planned domestic protests have sent costs for Saturday’s even through the roof after previous estimates that the event would cost £100m.

Home Office sources revealed last night that an air traffic control schedule has been drawn up specially for dignitaries flying in. Security will be heightened at landing spots which include RAF Northolt in Middlesex and RAF Biggleswade, Beds, from Thursday.

The announcement comes amid fears that climate change protesters could target the private jet arrivals. A huge number of armed officers will be on the streets on the day of the Coronation along with snipers on rooftops and police drones monitoring crowds for suspicious activity to stop activists sabotaging the event.

Groups like Just Stop Oil and Republic could join forces to cause disruption. Special forces will also be on standby as part of the UK Counter Terrorism Defence Mechanism, with Blue Thunder 2 helicopters poised in the event of an attack.

A Home Office insider said: “Security alone will be up to £150million, possibly more. It’s a crazy sum, but this is one of the biggest public events in recent history.


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