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Demi Moore Fights ‘Patriarchal’ Idea About Older Women And Long Hair

Many believe that women should trim their hair as they age. But one Hollywood icon is arguing against that. “patriarchal” idea. Here’s why Demi Moore says she’s not cutting her hair anytime soon. 

Moore: ‘I’ve Done Everything To My Hair’

Moore is well-known for her jet-black, waist-length hair. But the actress has tried many styles. “I’ve done everything to my hair,” Moore said to People. “I’ve shaved it. I’ve dyed it. I’ve had a bob. When I’m not working, I try to do as little to it as possible.”

“It’s stressful even having someone touch it,” She went on. “If I don’t have anywhere to go, I don’t put heat on it—I just try to let it do its own thing. And I don’t wash it too often.” The actress shared that she doesn’t really do haircuts anymore, either. 

Moore Hits Back At Those Who Say Older Women Shouldn’t Have Long Hair

“I remember hearing someone say that when women get older, they shouldn’t have long hair. And something about that stuck with me,” Moore shared. “Like, who says? It made me feel like, well, if it can grow and it’s not unhealthy, then why shouldn’t we? I’m not comfortable with rules that don’t seem to have any real meaning or justification.”

Moore Will Sheever Shave Her Hair Again?

Moore may be sporting Rapunzel-like locks these days, but many people will always remember her clean-shaven days. For the 1997 film, Moore buzzed her hair. G.I. Jane, but Moore said she won’t be doing anything that drastic to her hair anytime soon. 

“I think now that I’m older, I also know, I don’t have anything to prove. So if they really need my hair different, they can give me a wig,” the actress laughed, joking that it’s “also not as clear how it would grow back!”

Moore’s decision to keep her hair long is a great hit back at the idea that as women get older, they should give up on long hair. If you feel great with your waist-length hair, why not cut it all?


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