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Demi Moore’s New Swimsuit Collab With Andie Covers Up, But Bares Skin In All The Right Places

Summer is already halfway over, but with Demi Moore’s latest swimsuit collab with Andie, we’re hoping to make these last weeks of warm weather count. These suits offer full coverage while remaining fun and flirty—exactly the kind of swimwear we’ve been searching for.

With a wide variety of styles available, there’s something available for everyone, from the most modest to the most daring among us. 

Demi Moore’s New Collab The Swimsuits Of The Summer

One of the biggest women’s swimsuit trends right now is the itty bitty bikini, but for those of us who want to leave a little bit to the imagination when we hit the beach, Demi Moore’s collaboration with Andie swimwear couldn’t have come at a better time.

With an ever-decreasing amount of weeks before the official end of summer, we’re still on the lookout for that perfect swimsuit and we’ve found some strong contenders in the Demi Moore X Andie collab. 

What we love about these designs is the fact that the coverage is much more modest than we’re used to seeing without coming across as matronly. It allows the wearer to bare a little skin without giving it all away. After all, the tease is what you don’t show.

Not that we have anything against a skimpier suit, but it’s nice to find a brand that so expertly toes the line between the two extremes. 

Moore clearly doesn’t mind flirting with that line, especially when it comes to her more daring bikini designs. Even though there’s plenty of skin bared, the essentials, particularly the bust and the bum, are well-covered, but still look sexy. Other two-piece designs range from skirts to high-waisted shorts that will look flattering on every figure. 

A Timeless Collection

The vintage-inspired line harkens back to the very first bikini and swimsuit designs and updates them with a modern flair. It would be hard not to feel like an old Hollywood starlet while strutting your stuff in one of these swimsuits. 

It’s no surprise that Moore decided to collaborate on a swimsuit line. She and her daughters Rumer, Tallulah, and Scout have entertained social media followers for years with their family and solo swimsuit modeling sessions.

With so much great taste in the family, it was only a matter of time before one of the talented ladies launched a line of their own. Maybe there will be another collab in the future, but this time with mother and daughters.


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