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Donald Trump Is Brutally Knocked Out By Mike Pence

Donald Trump has practically all of his party’s top leaders’ support since he announced his third run for the presidency.

Trump’s flaw, according to many seasoned GOP members, is that he is too divisive and does not accurately represent conservatism.

These same Republicans emphasise how different Trump is now from the all-powerful kingmaker he once was.

Trump’s failure to select electable candidates in the disastrous 2022 midterm elections was demonstrated. Many right-leaning figures and voters no longer support the Trump brand because it is too toxic.

The COVID-19 pandemic mismanagement, the attack on the US Capitol on January 6, and numerous other scandals that have shaken American politics over the past five years are all linked to the billionaire.

As Trump announced his candidature, the Washington elite, including Chris Christie, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and large donors, decided to throw him under the bus due to his recent string of poor luck in politics.

Vice President Mike Pence has now joined the chorus of unrest, rejoining Trump’s old pal.

The former governor of Indiana was asked, “Whether the Republicans should select someone other than the former president next year,” during an appearance on CNBC’s Squawk Box.

The former vice president didn’t think twice about striking Donald Trump hard with his response.

I believe we’ll have better options [than Donald Trump], he remarked.

Pence further dethroned Trump from his MAGA throne by holding him responsible for the unfavourable outcomes of the 2022 elections.

The seasoned politician claimed that Trump persuaded other candidates to promote his outlandish thesis that Joe Biden stole the presidency through a rigged election.

“Our candidates who were focused on the past, especially on relitigating the last election, did not do well, including in areas where we should have done extremely well,” said Pence.

The politician then turned his attention to the issues important to his party: the policies that will win over Republican voters in 2024.

“I’m delighted to see the Republican majority saying we need to use this debt ceiling to get us back in the path of fiscal restraint, but look, we all know where the actual issue is in terms of long-term debt,” the author said in reference to the debt ceiling.

Kevin McCarthy, Speaker of the House, who wants to address the debt ceiling and restructure Medicare and Social Security, was praised by Pence during the interview as the de facto leader of the Republican Party.

I respect the Speaker’s decision to remove Social Security and Medicare from the debt ceiling talks, he said. In the long run, we must put them on the table. Nobody in Washington, D.C., wants to talk about the impending entitlement-driven financial disaster that this country will face over the next 25 years.

Mike Pence has not received a response from former President Donald Trump because he was too busy clearing up yet another political catastrophe.

After the terrible train crash that released deadly chemicals, the real estate tycoon went to East Palestine, Ohio, to speak with the locals.

Trump criticised Biden for handling the situation improperly. He forgot to note that Barack Obama’s government repealed rules that could have stopped the derailment.

According to CNN, Trump repealed an Obama-era rule from 2015 that required trains hauling significant amounts of combustible liquids, such as crude oil, to have improved brakes and speed restrictions. The rule had been put in place in response to several fatal derailments.

Trump visited a McDonald’s location where he bought meals for first responders and boasted joyously that he knew the menu better than all employees. He also brought water with his name embossed on the bottles with him when he arrived in Ohio.

Trump promised the Ohioans that he would fight for them if he made it to the White House again.


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