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Prince Harry Heartbreak: Why Duke Was ‘Not Ready’ To Return To UK

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle last celebrated Christmas with the British Royal Family in 2018. They spent the holiday season the following year with Doria Ragland outside the United Kingdom.

Weeks later, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, then, announced their plans to exit their royal posts. They eventually left for the United States, and have yet to return to the royals’ turf, except for the royal-born Prince.

The Sussex Royals celebrated the Christmas that followed in their new home. Sources claimed that this was because Prince Harry was not ready to return to the U.K. yet, according to Express UK.

It is said that the Duke of Sussex “turned down” the opportunity to fly back to his home country last year. While insiders asserted that it was because he and Meghan Markle were enjoying their new life in the United States, others alleged that it was due to the ongoing tension with the rest of the Windsor clan.

As explained, things between the two Wales Princes were not what they used to be, adding that no one was seemingly ready for a “cozy Christmas” at that time. Prince Harry even appeared to have acknowledged the reported rifts with him, saying that they have now come to different paths.

Although a lot of things have already happened since the Sussex couple’s exit from the Royal Firm, the dynamic between the two royal Princes have reportedly remained the same. This is why many experts are convinced that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will not return again to the U.K. this year to celebrate Christmas.

Speaking to Page Six, sources revealed, however, that Queen Elizabeth II has extended an invitation for the couple. Even so, the former working royal couple reportedly decided not to accept because they do not want to “cause inevitable headlines.”

There is little information, though, as to how Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will celebrate the holiday season this year. But, insiders alleged that they aim to keep things “simple” by nesting and cooking meals in their California home.

Some guests will, also, likely join them in their holiday festivities. They are reportedly those who have stayed by their side amid all the controversies they have faced in the last few months.

As for the British Royals, no official Christmas plans have yet to emerge. But, reports said that the rest of the family will join Queen Elizabeth II, considering that this will be the first time she will celebrate the holiday season without Prince Philip.


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