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Ellen DeGeneres Reminisces on All the Times She Kissed Colin Farrell on ‘The Ellen Show in New Video

Ellen DeGeneres is looking back on her memories with Colin Farrell on The Ellen Show, which seemed to always involve some lip-locking. 

The comedian—who officially retired from her famous talk show earlier this year—shared a throwback montage video to Instagram on Wednesday, Oct. 19, while reminiscing on all of the unlikely shared kisses over the years. 

The video depicts DeGeneres, 64, and Farrell, 46, going in for a kiss on the lips in a number of different episodes throughout the show’s tenure, including one instance with the talk show host popping an Altoid mint into her mouth before a big smooch. 

Another clip shows the Total Recall star freshening up with some breath spray before planting a big one on DeGeneres. 

In one of the clips, the Finding Dory actress tells Farrell, “I still enjoy kissing you,” to which he quipped back, “I do too. It’s the only reason I come here. I have no interest in promoting my film.” 

“I always enjoyed kissing Colin Farrell,” DeGeneres captioned her post on the show’s Instagram on Wednesday, which seemed to ignite a mixture of emotions from her fans in the comment section. 

“I would enjoy too ❤️🔥😂” one person wrote, while another added, “Lucky Ellen😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.”  

“I would kiss him every chance I get also 😂” someone else chimed in. 

But other Instagram users were more confused over the steamy montage video, considering DeGeneres—who came out as gay back in the ’90s—has long been married to Portia de Rossi

“May I remind you that you are…… married,” one user commented, although the on-camera kisses seem to be all in good fun, as it has been a tradition for DeGeneres and Farrell for years. 


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