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Dubious Rumor Says Ellen DeGeneres Faced Cash Crunch Following Show’s Cancellation Last Years

Did Ellen DeGeneres And Portia de Rossi struggle after the cancellation of the comedian’s talk show? A report from twelve months back stated that the two were fighting about money problems after the comedian’s show was cancelled. Ellen DeGeneres Show. DeGeneres should have had enough by now, as her talk show is over. Let’s look back on the story to see what really went down.

Miserable Couple Has Miserable Fight

Per Woman’s Day, DeGeneres looked tense in Montecito because she and de Rossi couldn’t pay the bills. According to a source, the end of the Ellen DeGeneres ShowThis meant that the couple would be without any financial success.

“This was her show and her fall, so by the time the team got paid out, there wasn’t anything left for Ellen.” The two apparently had plenty of money in property but precious little in hand, leaving them panicked and at each other’s throats.

This story provided some of the most flimsy evidence available, which we openly laughed about. DeGeneres was seen looking serious while de Rossi had a phone in her hands. The caption was used in the outlet. “Calling in the lawyers?” It didn’t even look like the phone was turned on, let alone calling a lawyer for money issues.

Because the story was ridiculous, it was discredited. DeGeneres’ net worth was $370 million at the time of this story. She’s got enough money to lose millions every year for a century. The end of Ellen is the end of an era, but wouldn’t end her prosperity.

Is Ellen DeGeneres Broke?

This story has been published many times since then. Ellen DeGeneres made $10 million, so she’s up to $380 million according to Forbes. Portia de Rossi and she did not divorce when the show ended. We were correct to refute this story. 

When you are Ellen DeGeneres Show came to an end, de Rossi sat Tossing up in the front row. They’re obviously as strong now as they ever have been. DeGeneres De Rossi hanging in RwandaJust like they had always intended. They also share a gorilla sanctuary there. DeGeneres doesn’t need to be broke to have the money to fund both a sanctuary and fly.

A Degenerate Source Of News

Woman’s Day I would be happy for DeGeneres to divorce de Rossi. In 2018, it had promised de Rossi divorce. It has been announcing a ridiculous reason every few months, but DeGeneres & de Rossi remain together. Woman’s DayThis is not a reliable source of information about this couple or any other couple.


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