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Expert Claims Priorities Misplaced; Coronation Overshadowed by Family Matters and Queen Camilla’s Promotion

As the coronation of King Charles and Queen Camilla approaches next week, a royal expert has criticized the King’s decisions leading up to the event.

Tom Bower, a former BBC journalist and investigative reporter, shared his thoughts on the preparations for King Charles’ coronation on May 6th. He expressed disapproval of the decision to crown his wife on the same day.

Bower stated on GB News: “I think the promotion of Camilla is also distracting from the importance of the coronation of the King.”

Host Dan Wootton mentioned that Camilla had no desire to be crowned, but King Charles is “desperate for their marriage to finally be properly accepted.”

Bower agreed, suggesting that King Charles seems to be emphasizing his marriage rather than his own coronation: “She doesn’t [like to be crowned], and really what you see with this constant promotion of Camilla and the photographs of two is it the coronation seems we’re at the marriage not about the crowning of the king and somehow, in all, this is what I always feared about Charles.”

Bower continued, claiming that King Charles has lost sight of the true purpose of his reign: “He’s lost sight of what actually this ceremony and what his reign is meant to embrace. He’s now all just worried about whether people love Camilla what will they think about Harry and the olive branch, I mean, this is just nonsense.”

According to Bower, King Charles has diminished the significance of his coronation by focusing too much on family matters: “He is losing sight of the coronation is all about the glory of the monarchy and of Britain, and he’s reducing it to the squabbles in his family.”

The Rebel author also claimed that King Charles is indecisive, “self-indulgent [and] unable to fix his focus on what is necessary.”

Bower elaborated: “I think he is, on one hand, he’s being cowardly and he is constantly dithering. And because he just doesn’t want to be disliked and he doesn’t realize that the only way actually to impose a reign is as opposed to having an argument or whatever he normally did as Prince of Wales is you’ve got to be firm and he’s not firm.”

Bower further suggested that King Charles should have banned Prince Harry, as doing so would have “shown a total purpose.” He also recommended that the King clarify that his younger brother, the disgraced royal Prince Andrew, has no role in the proceedings.


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