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Father mourning his babies at funeral realized their bodies are dolls, ‘screamed in disbelief when he uncovered his wife’s web of lies’!

Daud, a 33-year-old father, was overjoyed to find that his wife was expecting. Sadly, he was never able to bring his babies home because he was informed that his twin boys had passed away in the hospital. Daud wanted to view his boys’ faces before burial and lay them to rest, therefore he was horrified to discover two dolls below the shrouds.

“I saw there were no eyes when I opened the first baby’s face. This was what? I started by opening the second one’s face. exact same In a video message, Daud added, “This was a doll…a doll.

According to Daud’s account of the strange chain of events, he was informed that his babies were delivered on February 3 and that Laura was then detained in the intensive care unit of the perinatal center in southern Russia. Eventually, on February 7 and 8, Laura recovered and was taking care of their “healthy” infants. But on February 9, Daud received word that their infants had died from a cerebral hemorrhage and an aneurysm.

The family decided against conducting a postmortem due to their religious convictions and started making funeral arrangements. Daud, who was grieving the loss of his children, was astounded by what he saw when he removed the shrouds that had been covering them just before their burial.

“Everyone was stunned… Both of them were dolls. In disposable diapers, like actual children… After that, we dialed 911,” Daud added. Daud initially accused the hospital, saying, “My babies are alive.” He thought that his sons might have been the targets of a baby-selling or baby-adoption scam, sparking a public outcry over infant cruelty.

According to his statement, the husband thought Laura was handed two dead infants wrapped in “grave clothes” before she left the hospital, but Daud claimed the hospital gave the couple dolls instead of their “dead newborn twins.”

Daud learned that the hospital was unable to have harmed his newborn children because he had never given birth to twin sons in the first place. His wife admitted that she had been lying to Daud the entire time and had never been pregnant.

According to the Daily Mail, when asked why she did it, the woman explained, “I saw how happy my husband was when I told him that I was pregnant. I chose to lie to him and to our relatives by pretending to be pregnant since I didn’t want to upset him. The woman said, “I didn’t have a clear plan.”

“At times, I had the impression that my belly was expanding and that I was pregnant. I went to check out baby cots in January. It’s difficult to describe, but even though I knew I wasn’t pregnant, I couldn’t bring myself to stop acting like one.

Before telling her family that her children were dead, Laura rented an apartment adjacent to the maternity hospital to continue her lie. Also, she purchased two dolls, dressed them in disposable diapers like actual infants, and used them to impersonate the newborn twins. “Later (during the funeral), my husband discovered the dolls instead of the babies, exposing my lies,” she continued.


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