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‘Follow-up book from Meghan Markle’ predicted as she and Harry could come back ‘stronger than before’

Meghan Markle may release a follow-up book after Harry’s tell-all memoir Spare, an expert has suggested in latest news.

Prince Harry sent shockwaves across the nation after he released his controversial book, which made some explosive claims about the Royal family.

The release also came shortly after the pair detailed the breakdown of their relationship with the royal family in their Netflix documentary.

Ever since, Harry and Meghan haven’t exactly been popular with some of the British public, but can they ever redeem themselves?

Meghan Markle set to release ‘follow-up book’?

Brand and culture expert, Nick Ede, spoke exclusively to Entertainment Daily! about whether Harry and Meghan can make a comeback.

The pair left everyone shocked when they left the UK and the royal family, by stepping down from their royal duties and moving to Canada.

To add more salt to the wound, Harry and Meghan then continued to attack the royal family in interviews and even in Harry’s memoir.

But can they ever come back from this?

According to the expert, it will be ‘hard to come back properly’ as the public are unlikely to forget what they’ve done.

Nick Ede revealed: “I think that it’s hard to come back properly from this. There are so many levels that they have been seen to have betrayed the UK, the Royal Family and their own family. And people don’t forget this.”

But never say never!

The expert went on to reveal that Meghan could release a follow-up book after Harry’s book success.

He said: “A follow up book from Meghan I think is to be expected.

Meghan and Harry could come back ‘stronger than before’

Nick also shared that the couple have the potential to come back ‘stronger than before’ if they continue to do charity work.

Nick claimed: “A lot of what they have said about the institution and change is a fair point. And for many they are an inspiring pair.

“I think that as they continue to do their charity work and the things they enjoy doing. Then they will be able to come back potentially stronger than before.”


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