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George Clooney Allegedly Caught Fighting With Amal Amid Rumors Of Supposedly Struggling Marriage, Gossip Claims

Are George and Amal Clooney struggling to keep their marriage alive? Rumor has it, the couple’s marriage has been in limbo for a while now. Here’s the latest gossip about the Clooneys, straight from the tabloids.

Back in September, the Globe reported George Clooney’s penchant for collecting property was driving Amal crazy. Apparently, the human rights lawyer wanted “a less nomadic lifestyle and is happy to stay put more in the U.S,” a source confided. “If George had his way, he and Amal would divide their time between Italy, France, England, Portugal, and America.” But the tipster insisted that Amal found George’s wanderlust “exhausting” and believed it was “no life for the kids.”

The tabloid’s entire story completely fell apart under the smallest bit of pressure. First of all, a rep for the Clooneys insisted that they had no plans to put down any roots in Portugal. After the New York Post pushed a similar rumor, a representative assured the outlet that Clooney “is not buying any properties” and that the story was “not true.” That was enough evidence for us to totally dismiss this rumor.

George Clooney Giving Up On Hollywood?

Then the National Enquirer asserted that it wasn’t necessarily the travel that was tearing the Clooneys apart, but rather it was George’s demanding Hollywood lifestyle. Apparently, Amal forced George to “meekly set Hollywood aside.” After quarantine restrictions were lifted, George reportedly was offered a variety of movie and advertising deals, but Amal “put her foot down” and demanded that George “put her and their family first.”

Of course, after a bit of investigating, this story didn’t seem true at all. George hasn’t given up acting. In fact, his career has been ramping up since quarantine ended. The actor had a role in his self-directed film The Tender Bar, and the Clooneys also took off to Australia to film Ticket to Paradise. Clearly, this story about the Clooneys’ “crumbling marriage” was incredibly misguided.

But just when the Clooneys seemed to be on track, Woman’s Day reported George and Amal were caught fighting in an airport after their trip to Washington D.C. “Amal and George were barely speaking to each other,” an onlooker noted. “They seemed grumpy and stressed out!” Amal reportedly wanted George to take the leap and launch his political career while in D.C., but the actor apparently had no interest. “They’re at a stalemate,” the tipster dished. “It was a tense flight home.”

Yet, after looking at the photos ourselves, we couldn’t find any cause for concern. In the images, the Clooneys didn’t seem “grumpy” or “stressed out”; they looked just like any other couple traveling. And of course, we had to remind readers that George has never had much interest in politics. When the actor was recently asked yet again if he had ever thought about running for office, George responded: “No, because I would actually like to have a nice life.” Clearly, the tabloid was sorely misinformed about the Clooneys’ D.C. trip.


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