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George, Charlotte and Louis sent adorable gift ahead of King Charles’ Coronation

Prince William and Kate, Princess of Wales’ three young children have been sent an adorable gift ahead of their grandad King Charles’ Coronation.

With royals as parents, it’s no surprise that Prince George, nine, Prince Charlotte, seven and four-year-old Prince Louis receive rather lavish gifts.

And their latest arrival, just in time for Charles’ Coronation, has a heartwarming reason behind it.

King Charles’ Coronation: Grandchildren receive sweet gift

Apparently, the three children have been sent a copy of a new children’s book – The King’s Pants by Nicholas Allan

According to Hello!, William and Kate’s office even reached out to the author, noting how the book will be “thoroughly enjoyed by each of the children”.

The book is a beautifully illustrated in watercolours by Nicholas, who also penned the much-loved prequel, The Queen’s Knickers – which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year.

What is The King’s Pants about?

The King’s Pants, due to be realised on April 6, follows a hilarious new monarch and his favourite underwear.

But when his pants get posted to his subjects nationwide, chaos soon entails.

The author said he wrote and illustrated the book “a long time ago”.

“But like an old pair of boxer shorts it has been sat at the bottom of my drawer for many, many years, a royal book in-waiting, and now I feel it is the right time for the story to be royally enjoyed, for our new King’s Coronation,” Andrew quipped.

Royal children’s role for King Charles’ coronation

With Charles’ Coronation fast approaching leaked plans have reportedly shown what George, Charlotte and Louis will be doing on the day.

Prince William and Kate’s brood are expected to play a big part in the May 6 ceremony.

According to The Times, the three “are expected to join their parents” and be on “public display” in the procession.

The Prince and Princess of Wales, along with their three children, will apparently follow King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla in a horse drawn carriage from Westminster Abbey.

Prince George ‘might have’ bigger role at Coronation

It has also been reported that Prince George may play a bigger role.

Royal historian Dr Tessa Dunlop claimed that King Charles’ Coronation will also focus on the monarch’s direct line of successors.

This includes Prince William and Prince George, who are first and second in line to the throne.

Reports claim that both William and Kate are concerned about how George will handle having the world’s gaze on him.

According to reports, the Prince and Princess of Wales are ‘mulling over’ whether George will play such an integral part of the Coronation.

Meanwhile, the leaked document also claims that Charlotte, seven, and Louis, four, are taking part.

Meghan and Harry to attend Coronation?

As for whether Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s children will have a role in the ceremony is still unclear.

Earlier this month, they revealed they have had “correspondence” about Charles’ big day.

But the pair are yet to confirm if they, and their children, will be attending the historical event.


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