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Gwen Stefani divides fans with surprise makeover ahead of new season of The Voice

It’s just three weeks until The Voice is back on our screens, and ahead of the latest season, Gwen Stefani debuted a new look on Instagram.

Rocking a makeup look inspired by Cher, Gwen wore fluttery false lashes, white eyeliner to accentuate her eyes, and picture-perfect matte skin, but it was the No Doubt singer’s lips that drew most attention.

Fans of the star suspect she’s had a lip lift, commenting: “Beautiful but not fond of that lip lift. Sorry, it’s distracting.”

A lip lift is a minor surgical procedure that pulls the top lip up and turns it out. It reduces the appearance of lines on the upper lip for a fuller-looking pout, without using filler.

“[Lip lifts] create an effect that people try to get with fillers, but it’s very difficult to turn the lip out with lip fillers without making it look unnatural,” says aesthetician Dr. Emily Mehta, of London’s Story Clinic, explaining why someone might opt for a lip lift rather than filler.

Lip lifts tend to look more natural than filler, and many of Gwen’s followers were quick to praise her Cher-inspired makeover.

“So pretty,” wrote one, while another commented: “You look stunning! Love the makeup.”

Gwen’s return to The Voice was well-received by fans when she announced her plans to rejoin the show in May 2022, following her departure in 2020.

To date, the singer has been a coach on seasons seven and nine, 12, 17 and 19. After she left, she began working on new music and has been performing at her Las Vegas residency.


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