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Prince Harry, Afraid Of Prince William, Has Taken This Drastic Decision About King Charles’s Coronation

Incandescent with rage is the expression often used by close friends to describe Prince William‘s feelings towards Prince Harry.

It has been revealed that the heir to the throne has made it clear that he will humiliate Prince Harry during King Charles III‘s coronation ceremony.

Prince William is unable to forgive Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for ruining his reputation via bombshell revelations and accusations.

Associates of Prince William told the Daily Beast that his relationship with Prince Harry has ended because of the pain he caused both him and Kate Middleton with his words.

Prince William has no plans to speak to his brother. He has flexed and confirmed his power by requesting that Prince Harry be seated as far away from him as possible at Westminster Abbey.

The duo will not interact and, therefore, will not have their pictures taken together. Prince Harry, who is aware of Prince William’s decision to shame him, is said to be nervous about his plans to attend the coronation.

Nick Bullen, editor-in-chief of True Royalty TV, explained: “I think the Duke of Sussex will be very nervous on the day because I know that when he came for the Queen’s funeral, he was very nervous about what the reaction would be – not only the reaction of his family but also of people on the street. When the four young royals did that walkabout at Windsor, I know Harry was very nervous heading out of those gates.”

The Duke of Sussex has made the drastic decision to spend less than 24 hours in his native country to avoid irking Prince William and other royals.

Sources close to the self-exiled royal revealed that two hours after the coronation ends, Prince Harry will be on a plane flying back to California to be with Markle, Archie, and Lilibet.

The Duke of Sussex will be desperately trying to get to Archie’s birthday party.

Bullen added: “I think he will be nervous about how the family will react to him, and I think it is pretty clear he will try to minimize the amount of time he is in London. He wants to be back for Archie’s birthday that evening, so it will be very much a flying visit.”

He continued: “What he has in his favor is that there will be very little chance for any of them to speak because they will all be coming from different places, and they will all be traveling in different cars and carriages.

Harry is not part of the procession or balcony appearance; I think the operations of the day will help everyone out. They will all be positioned very separately.”

Peace is not close in royal circles.


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